sabato 20 agosto 2011

a-void (iv)

1. need to take care of, so simple, recognizing some

2. people still lighting up, getting help to quit, stand

3. for, to make money in, a deep breath, slaughter,

4. from one organism to another, more precisely

5. a non-native segment of dna, return, sacrifice,

6. knowing what to do, be eccentric, incompetent,

7. your intelligence incorporated, others, swearing,

8. a pure sequence, mobile genetic elements, stress

9. in the access, make them widely accessible, sin,

10. some smoke, resurrection, keep it legal, pleasure

11. and infinite crops, transparent, fixity, flux, then

12. unlucky business decisions, bad signal, gunshot

13. wounds, shock, last hours, grain and cement, real

14. phase of euphoria, never done this before, exist,

15. strike, again, a face, one sound, no innocence.

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