sabato 21 gennaio 2012

shellac, disgrace (terraform, 1998) (testo ed altri testi)

a boy - dreamed of a rocket - and like a rocket - like a - like a ... a piece of stone - he flew - like a rocket - he way flew - anyway he flew - as a man - ... like a rocket - sitting in a chair - sitting in a chair - is an old man - anyway he flew - like a rocket - anyway he flew.


formaldehyde (to hide) sulphoxylate (too late) pneumoventriculo (too cool) graphy (defy) omn representa tiveness omnire presentativeness omnirepre sentativeness anarcho individualist (insurrect ionary - charged particles) scientifico philosophical tornado-proof obfuscator. 


"You are very kind, I said; and would you have the goodness also to inform me, whether you think that a state, or an army, or a band of robbers and thieves, or any other gang of evil-doers could act at all if they injured one another?".


Sporting Lisbona - Moreirense, Over 2,5.

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