mercoledì 27 luglio 2011

a-void (i)

1. to evolve, use a condominium every day, signal

2. strife, drying, cracking, now violating neurons

3. working faster, sure, don’t know, some water

4. experiments, inflating one packet, diluted

5. powders, always in a generous amount of

6. failure, tear, corrosion, delay your climax

7. with food supplement, meaning decomposed

8. concentrated milk proteins, human kidneys,

9. reduction in weight, immerging yourself

10. in the harvest, and to regenerate, precious

11. sorrow, a way to avoid advertising, the only

12. metabolism, in mind, starving, to be taken

13. before meals, system allowing us to eliminate

14. the amount of simulation, filtering the message

15. i am particularly stubborn on the word 'art'.

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