venerdì 29 luglio 2011

a-void (ii)

1. this sense of, mechanisms to increase impulses

2. reducing tissues, fixing them, clearly promoting

3. sense of, excess fluid, draining, that purified

4. now widely recognized as science, does not replace

5. the sense of hunger, loud and clear, detoxifying

6. to improve circulation, ask customers if they like

7. a sense of fullness, disorders, so many dragonflies

8. probably oxidizing, continuously balancing between

9, sensing identity or drawing banknotes on the walls

10. while reaching your reward, right in front of you,

11. making sense, artificial colours, endless shelves,

12. profile is what you really need, slightly reducted

13. if sense is, definitely, related with fixing problems,

14. something nice and friendly, offering an adjustment

15. knowing exactly to be the next miserable target.

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