domenica 31 luglio 2011

a-void (iii)

1. if everything has been criticized, find refreshment

2. in a fraud, abuse to stay extraordinary, your nails,

3. in denial we trust, not the weakest part in how much

4. money did you spend today, concerning humans,

5. sinking almost entirely, profit, a margin, pression

6. if you were a banker, deeply felt, developing anger,

7. no jokes, only a good educational game, in spite of

8. health damage, heavy doses, lead in suspicious cans

9. removing packages, different tools of engagement,

10. why join, lie, exterminate, repression, diet coke,

11. stand tall, vertebrates, yuppies, according to marx,

12. a relaxed, near empty volume, a distensible organ

13. to be finally operated, failing to observe standards

14. because we care, banned everywhere, the relative

15. position of our hands moving inside your stomach

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